In 2009, Pepsi said “Every Generation Refreshes the World”. In 2010, we put those words into action.

The result was the Pepsi Refresh Project, a program that awards 1.3 million in grants a month to ideas – from everyday people – that refresh the world.

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In terms of pure engagement alone, PRP was incredibly successful. By year’s end, consumers cast 61 million votes to fund various ideas — compared to about 89 million for the 2010 U.S. general election

Forbes named The Pepsi Refresh Project “One of the Top 5 Social Media Campaigns of All Time”. And Creativity named it the “2nd Most Innovative Idea of 2010”.

In 2010, Pepsi Refresh Project informed every last piece of media Pepsi put into the world. From traditional media, right down to the actual cans and packaging.


The original idea for the Refresh Project  was conceived by TBWA/Chiat/Day. The idea came to full fruition in the digital space thanks to Huge. At, people can submit, vote and promote their ideas in 6 different categories.


We want our marketing ideas to effect people, of course. But this is a rare case where you’re truly improving people’s lives in a very real way. Pretty cool.




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