Over my nearly 20 years in advertising, I’ve watched so many talented creative people unnecessarily alienate others, hurting their own ideas and burning bridges along the way. So I decided to write a book about collaboration and creativity. Specifically, how creative folks, in particular, can do it better. So many things we naturally assume – or are often told – about what it takes to get to great ideas are actually fallacies, in my opinion. And worse, these fallacies put us into conflict with other people. If you’re coming up in the advertising biz, managing a team of creative people or ever struggled with this issue personally (haven’t we all?), give it a read. I hope it will help you see that being a collaborative person can make your ideas better and help you enjoy a long, prosperous career.

Collaborate or Die: How Being a Jerk Kills Ideas and Careers https://www.amazon.com/dp/0692417206/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awd_.9PNwbC1A4D0Z


“Hugely inspiring read about what connects us all, and how collaboration can make us all better creatives, clients…and people. Written by a true master collaborator and someone that I would implicitly trust with creative campaigns over every area of my business – because he’s interested in sharpening and refining the best ideas with the best minds.”

 – John Koller, Vice President Marketing at Sony PlayStation 

“Nothing is more frustrating then a creative team that goes to the mat on everything. It is the primary reason a client won’t trust you to take creative risks. I have found that the best creative is delivered by leaders who are equal parts principled and collaborative. Brett is the perfect blend of both and that balance has allowed us to make really memorable and award winning work together.”

 – Tracee Larocca, Vice President Advertising and Brand Engagement at Taco Bell 

“This book needs to be required reading in every college class in America that deals with the complex subject of human creativity.”

-Advertising Professor, Mark Secrist, University of Idaho 


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